When Balázs gets hungry during a training, he takes a Cerbona Sport Energy seeds-fruits muesli bar. The Cerbona Sport Energy muesli bar is made of whole-grain wheat, with selected seeds and fine fruity aroma. The specialty of Cerbona Sport Energy muesli bar is that it contains palatinose, resulting in a lower increase in blood sugar levels after consumption compared to other products with sugars. Magnesium is necessary for normal energy metabolism and contributes to reducing fatigue and exhaustion, on top of this Magnesium is also needed for normal muscle activity. Consumption of the bar is recommended before and during the sports activity.

Glucose syrup | Rolled oat flakes | Extruded cereal flakes (whole grain wheat, rice flour, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerids of fatty acids, table salt) | Peanut 7,5% | Pumpkin seed 6,5% | Isomaltulose* (Palatinose™) | Sunflower seeds 5,6% | Linseed 5,6% | Vegetable fat (palm) | Prune pieces 3,7% (plum 85%, dextrose) | Humectant: sorbitol | Dried apple pieces 0,9% (apple 85%, dextrose) | Emulsifier: soy lecithins | Magnesium carbonate | Flavorings

* Isomaltulose is an important glucose and fructose source.

The product may contain peanut, and other types of nuts, sesame seeds and milk products in traces!

* of which isomaltulose 6,6 g /100 g product. NRV: Reference intake (daily) nutrient reference value for adults.