Balázs suggests to consume the Cerbona Sport Protein banana muesli bar after training, as it provides all nutritional elements the body needs once the workout is completed. Cerbona Sport Protein muesli bar is made of whole-grain wheat, with delicious banana and healthy chia seeds added. Protein contributes to build and maintain muscle mass, and to sustain the normal condition of the bones. Cerbona Sport banana-chia seed muesli bar contains 22% vegetable protein. Consumption of the bar is recommended after the sport activity.

Extrudate (soy protein isolate, tapioca starch, pea protein isolate, wheat protein concentrate, table salt, stabilizer, calcium carbonate) | Rolled oat flakes | Glucose-fructose syrup | Rolled soy flakes | Peanut | Humectant: sorbitol | Linseed | Banana chips pieces 5,3% [banana 55%, vegetable oil (coconut), sugar, honey, flavoring] | Vegetable fat (palm) | Maltodextrin | Wheat dextrin | Dried apple pieces (apple, rice flour) | Honey | Chia seeds 2,5%* | Dried glucose syrup | Flavoring | Emulsifier: for soy bread

*Chia seeds (Salvia hispanica)

The product may contain peanut, and other types of nuts, sesame seeds and milk products in traces!