Prior to training, Balázs  chooses the Cerbona Sport Slim muesli bar with chocolate and cranberry, which is not only a smart but also a very delicious choice. The Cerbona Sport Slim muesli bar is made of whole-grain wheat, with the special combination of silky chocolate and sour cranberry, containing added L-carnitine and made without any added sugar. Thanks to the maltitol syrup content, this product induces a lower blood sugar rise compared to products with sugar content. Consumption of the bar is recommended before any sports activity.

Sweetener: maltitol syrup 33% | Rolled oat flakes | Extruded cereal flakes (whole grainwheat, rice flour, low fat cocoa powder, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerids of fatty acids, table salt) | Dried cranberries chips 9% (cranberries 62%, apple juice concentrate, sunflower oil) | Prune pieces (plum, rice flour) | Vegetable fat (palm) | Raisins | Chocolate pieces with sweetener 3% (sweetener: maltitol 50%, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soy lecithin, low fat cocoa powder, aroma) | Cocoa mass | Humectant (humectant: sorbitol) | Flavorings | Emulsifier: soy lecithin | L-Carnitine L-tartrate (136 mg L-Cartitol / 100 g product) | Acidic regulator: malic acid”

The product may contain peanut, and other types of nuts, sesame seeds and milk products in traces!

*The natural sugar content of ingredients